Erin O’Neill could easily be described as a renaissance woman, with previous stints in fashion, landscaping, massage, and as a doula. She’s anything but your typical real estate agent, priding herself on staying true to who she is, and aiming to work with people who see value in confidence and power. Thinking outside the box for unique, unusual, and, yes, sometimes complicated sales is her superpower. Erin just has that magic touch for finding creative solutions for difficult scenarios. She’s a natural navigator, and values honesty above all else.

The challenge of researching and advocating for her buyers is a considerable part of what she finds joyful about her profession. There is no job too big or too small, and she works with all types of home, from condos to cabins to craftsmans. Erin has negotiated million dollar plots of land, and explored the coast to find off-grid, hydro-powered homesteads, so she is comfortable representing both the big investors, and the local urban farmers.

This fearless, all-encompassing approach to life is what initially led her down the path to being a realtor. After having a beautiful baby boy, Erin knew it was time to find the next dream, as being a starving artist wasn’t going to provide the life she desired for her growing family. She instinctively knew that real estate was where she wanted to plant her next flag, and her instincts were right on as she picked up the art of real estate quickly and has been going strong since 2001.

Erin’s an Oregon native, and grew up in the Columbia Gorge. And although she’s lived elsewhere while traveling the world, she has a deep love and pride for the beauty of her home state. On a perfect Portland day, she’ll be attending yoga class, hanging out with her son and friends, making something delicious in the kitchen, or embarking on a creative project.