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Stephanie Lundin has come a long way since she was a little girl packing her little pink briefcase to “work” at her dad’s real estate office. Before becoming the ace real estate agent that we know her as today, Stephanie graduated from Valparaiso University and then in one exciting adventure moved to Portland, worked as a bartender, and started a band. It wasn’t long after that she followed up on a job lead and found herself in real estate. Ten years later, here we are!  Stephanie loves her local food and drink haunts, especially the great coffee we’re known for in PDX.

Stephanie sets the gold standard for what a thoughtful, thorough and ethical real estate broker should aim to be. – Ingrid, Buyer

Stephanie loves furry animals, big and small, especially her own two cats. More importantly, she loves her clients. Stephanie is professional, hard working, and committed to the specific needs of the sellers and buyers she works for. Her incredible level of care for her clients is the attribute of which she is most proud. And rightly so, as the care and concern Stephanie has for her people is what makes her stand out in this field. She is genuinely excited about helping people get into their homes and specifically tailors each transaction to meet the needs of her clients.

She comes equipped with an eye for detail like no other, laced with energy and enthusiasm to match. She’s got strong negotiation skills, and gives uncompromising service to her clients.  Buying or selling, Stephanie is your gal. She loves vintage Portland homes and is a staunch supporter of “GREEN building practices”. Stephanie is also Scout’s resident expert on condos, having learned the biz at a brokerage specializing in condo sales. And, just to brag a little, Stephanie was the 2012 Favorite Green Realtor Natty Award winner and has received the 5-star Portland Monthly award six years in a row. She’s also an EARTH Advantage Certified Realtor, and is interested in the passive house movement. All around, pretty amazing!

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