Susan Zazzetti - Scout Realty Co.

Real estate isn’t something new to Susan, she’s had her heart in the industry for many years. Her love for architecture and design initially brought her into the field and the long lasting connections with her clients have kept her here. Susan grew up in the midwest and moved west towards the land of opportunity in her early 20’s. One of her best friends moved to Portland and after just a few visits found herself being drawn to the PNW beauty, eclectic neighborhoods, music scene, and the relaxed city vibe that Portland offers.

Now almost a decade after coming to Portland, Susan has become an avid urban gardener, frequents all the music venues, and loves the creative spirit Portlanders exhibit. Having been in this business for over 20 years, Susan has seen the roller coaster ride of changing real estate markets and learned the best way to navigate all types of listing sales & home buying purchases to help her clients reach their goals. She also brings experience as a supervising principal broker which taught her how to be a great problem solver and how to avoid the many ways a real estate transaction can go awry.  This ever-changing and always exciting work will keep Susan in the business for years to come!