Tim Roberts - Scout Realty Co.

Tim was only twelve years old when he told a friend’s father – a longtime local real estate Broker for one of Portland’s old school firms – that someday he would be working for him. Almost exactly twelve years later, Tim stepped out of college and into that same Broker’s office with a brand new real estate license in hand. He was ready to get to work and hasn’t stopped in the 23 years, since.

A true Renaissance Realtor, Tim has experience just about every type of real estate deal there is. With a business built on residential transactions, he has accumulated enough knowledge of both commercial real estate and real estate development to have equal and significant expertise in all three disciplines. Tim’s love of the industry runs deep and he’s motivated by those out there who need a trusted advisor by their side. His goal is to be there to help as many people as possible with the one, simple, underlying principle in mind: integrity.

Aside from his obvious success as one of the top producers in Portland’s marketplace, Tim feels a genuine sense of accomplishment knowing that he’s earned the unwavering trust of so many of the clients he feels fortunate to have represented. He’s proud to have had the opportunity to make a true difference in people’s lives and the lives of their families.

Tim’s method of doing business serves as proof that you can be a relentless, uncompromising advocate while still practicing honesty and kindness. He has a particular soft spot for at-risk kids and is a regular supporter of the local organization, Family Building Blocks.

When not crushing the competition and winning the hearts and loyalty of his clients, you can find Tim rowing his drift boat down the Deschutes River, or standing in knee-deep water, casting his fly rod in search of that ever elusive chrome bright Steelhead.