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Getting Around Portland

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If you are new to Portland, or if you haven’t really thought about it, Portland is basically a grid. Once someone explained it to me, I was thrilled. Everything became clear!

Here goes! The Willamette River separates the east and west sides of town. Burnside Street separates the north and the south.  This creates four quadrants, NE, SE, NW, and SW.

The other important thing to remember is that the numbered streets run parallel to the river on both the east and west sides of town and they start at 1st Avenue on each side of the river. There could be a NW 1st and Couch and a NE 1st and Couch.

Hopefully you’re still with me because I have one more tidbit that may help you. There is a simple way to figure out where an address is in relation to Burnside Street. And that works for the all of the quadrants! An address such as 908 SE 28th would be 9 blocks south of Burnside on SE 28th. This tip can come in handy very often and sometimes people who’ve lived here for a long time don’t even know about it.

And then there’s  North Portland, sometimes referred to as ‘The Fifth Quadrant. Oh, and let’s not forget about East Portland, which is the area that is east of 82nd Avenue of Roses. Although not exactly part of the Portland quadrant, they are still an important part of our town.

Happy exploring!

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