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Helping Syrian Refugee Children

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Hello friends + colleagues,

Many of us have been feeling the weight of the world this Fall and it has been frustrating not knowing what to do or how to help. The images of young children arriving on the beaches in Europe have been especially poignant to me and I have been searching for a way to be of assistance. An organization, Carry the Future, has formed to hand deliver and fit baby carriers to newly-arrived refugee families in Europe (Greece, mostly), to help them travel more easily and safely as they try to find new homes.

Baby-wearing with my own child was a treasured part of our first year together. It allowed me to hold him close, keep him safe, and have my hands free for everything else. Our Ergo carrier was my very favorite piece of baby gear, and I’m eager to honor it by sending it off to another family who needs it.

Ways you can help:

1. Donate your gently used or new baby carrier
2. If you don’t have a baby carrier to donate, you can buy one for about $20 here
3. Share this message with your circle

If you’d like to take part, I’ll be collecting baby carriers to send to Carry the Future for the month of December. You can drop off your baby carrier at my office or let me know and I’ll arrange to come pick it up. Every little bit is appreciated.

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Happy Thanksgiving!