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Scouting Out 2017 AIA Portland Homes Tour

Obsessed with design, architecture, and what lies beyond the white picket fence? If you’re constantly scoping out homes online, and head-turning as you drive by the latest new construction, you’re likely also the type to stop by an open house just to see how other people live (guilty as charged). Fortunately, there are ways to get inside other people’s homes without the cops being called, and AIA Portland has a highly anticipated upcoming home tour on April 29th that’s ideal for those with a kink for everything modern.

Their “Nine Lives” tour features “nine unique living environments across seven distinct sites in the Portland metro area”, and is a self-guided tour showcasing a modern take on NW living. The homes are residential projects designed exclusively by AIA Portland architects, and encapsulate the trend of creative, contemporary architecture¬†in a city that has fought to retain it’s famous vintage charm. Whichever side of the picket fence you sit on aesthetically, there’s value in checking out what local architects are realizing with regional materials in Portland’s rapidly changing landscape.

Here’s a list of this year’s featured homes.
Here’s where you can sign up and purchase tickets.
And here’s where you can volunteer with AIA Portland.