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Scouting Out Best Brunches

If we were to make a pie chart based on the topics of discussion in the office, the second largest slice would belong to raving about food. Passionately, and often. In Portland, brunch is Serious Business, and Scouts know how to do business, both in and out of the kitchen. Here’s a pancake’d stack of some of our local faves;



Sarah couldn’t decide between Mother’s Bistro and Olympia Provisions, but at last minute settled on the Portobello sandwich at The Big Egg – all good choices, Sarah!



julie circle shot


Scout’s Tenant Placement Specialist, Julie Thompson, digs the breakfast burrito at vegan mecca, Blossoming Lotus. “It has a really yummy coconut ‘bacon’ and sour cream-type sauce.”





Erin recommends Screen Door‘s famous chicken & waffles, or the shakshuka & a potato doughnut at Tasty n Sons. She’s not giving up her true secret spots though – brunch queues in Portland are not for the faint of heart!



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“My most recent favorite discovery is brunch at Radar. I love the open kitchen-to-bar atmosphere, and their frittata is amazing! Otherwise I’ll go around scouting non-dairy eggs Benedict spots – so far I’ve come up with Equinox, and Cup & Saucer.” – Stephanie Lundin.
She’ll happily take recommendations if you know of any more…




“The Florentine Benni from NePo42 – they know how to poach perfectly!” – Therese Masellis






Serina loves getting her Dim Sum on at HK Cafe on 82nd and Holgate. “It’s always packed, but always delicious.”