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Scouting Out Chai

Something peculiar has been going on in the Scout office these past few weeks – it seems like everyone is talking about chai. And when this odd coincidence was brought up, an avalanche of brewhaha for the spiced tea proved that opinions on the best chai in Portland were just as mixed as the varieties available. We’ve rounded up Scout recommendations on where to go for the blends of spice that are giving them life:


Sarah Circle


Sarah has a thing for the Golden Chai at Seastar on NE Killingsworth. Caffeine free with a healing splash of turmeric and a spicy kick of ginger, Sarah’s favorite blend provides a boost without the buzz, and is just as delicious as a non-dairy option when made with hazelnut milk.






Arbor Lodge makes an amazing chai from scratch. At home, I love Blue Lotus – one tin lasts forever.” – Liz




StephBio (1)
“This is the perfect topic for me!” Having discovered chai early on in life (“I can still be reached at”), Stephanie is a true chai aficionado. She recently stumbled upon Little Gotham Coffee – the owner makes the chai herself, and it’s clear she agonized over perfecting the blend. “I took my first sip and knew I’d found my next indie coffee shop to support.”




Serina resisted dirty chai for a long time, but is finally on board. “The shot of espresso perfectly balances the sweet, spicy notes of the chai. You can get these anywhere chai is sold, but I’ll grab one at Fresh Pot when I’m headed into the office.”



Alia loves Stash Tea: “Just a hop, skip and a jump away from our office! Eden even helped me get all I needed to make my two favorites at home; the Double Grey Mississippi Fog (bergamot, Earl Grey black tea, steamed milk & organic vanilla syrup), and the Scarlet Dragon Red Chai (Rooibos, steamed milk & a spiced brown sugar syrup) – no caffeine in this one, so nice to make before bed!”




Scout’s Tenant Placement specialist, Julie, likes the neat take on chai at Pip’s (and who doesn’t). Her other favorite is at Townshend’s – a Bond Street chai latte with coconut milk. “It’s really perfect. You can get lattes made with any of the chai blends they have, which is maybe twelve different varieties.”