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Scouting Out Renter Placement

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For most renters, finding a place to live in Portland is a full time job with a crucial deadline. Since Portland now has a lower vacancy rate than NYC (seriously), Scout Renter Placement sure does have its work cut out for us! In today’s rental market, we often see renters spending at least three weeks searching for the right place – with countless hours wasted at Open Houses swarming with cutthroat competition. If you have a ton of free time, sure, the search might not seem so impossible. But for those of you with less flexible schedules, the time, energy, and stress of finding a rental may not be something you can afford to give.

We have made this our job! Fair to say, we know Portland like the back of our hands. We also have some tricks up our sleeves that will help you sparkle against the competition. We conduct the search for you and work with you every step of the way to make your transition into a new home as convenient and painless as possible.

Of course, we can’t do this for free. Just as your time is super valuable, ours is too. So in order for us to begin the hard work on your behalf, we require a $250 retainer. This is our commitment to working together, and the best part is, it’s deducted from your final placement fee of one month’s rent. So if you agree to work with us (yay!) and we find your perfect pad for $1,500 per month, we’ll consider the $250 a down payment and only require the remaining $1,250. Easy. Consider all of the money you’ll actually be saving if we’re out there pounding the pavement, advocating on your behalf, and sending you dispatches from the field – whether you are out of the office, or clear across the country!

Rentals come and go in a flash these days. By teaming up with us, you’re sure to have a first-come-first-served stake in the best apartments and rental deals in Portland, not to mention benefiting from Scout Realty Co.’s solid reputation as industry professionals.

Feel free to drop Kayla a line at or give us a ring at (971) 333-1021 so we can get started!