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Scouting Out Specialty Grocers

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1501020_10151837628532479_488925902_oI wanted to give a Scout-out to all those awesome specialty grocers that sell International foods and staples from different parts of the world. Personally, it’s my favorite way to shop! Whatever you’re in the mood for – Mexican, Ethiopian, Korean, Vietnamese – it’s out there. We’re so lucky to have it all in Portland (and surrounding areas), and just because you’re switching neighborhoods or relocating here from another city doesn’t mean you have to give up your multicultural comfort foods. Another great thing is that these grocers often have delis and restaurants, perfect for grabbing an authentic taste of yummy cuisine from across the world. Here’s some of the places I love to explore:

  • FuBonn: “The Largest Asian Shopping Center in Oregon” is Portland-famous for Pan-Asian goodies, and is the epicenter of SE grocery shopping. During the warmer months, it hosts the Jade District Night Market, designed to bring a sense of community and culture to the area.
  • Uwajimaya: A wonderland of cuisine, kitchen goods, candy, and kawaii novelties, this is your one-stop destination for all things Japan. Grab some fresh seafood while you’re there, or pull up a chair in the deli area for a Spam Musubi roll, fresh poke salad, sushi, or a Beard Papa cream puff (you’re welcome).
  • H Mart: Not as glamorous as Uwajimaya, but just as satisfying, H Mart is a great resource for popular (and obscure) Korean spices, sauces, and more.
  • Apna Bazaar: Authentic Indian food is tough to beat, and Apna Bazaar will fill both your cupboards and your belly.
  • Roman Russian Market: Sausage, dumplings, baked goods, pickled fish…if you’re craving comfort from the Motherland, this is where to go.
  • Supermercados Mexican: While Mexican grocery stores aren’t too difficult to locate, not all of them have great tacos to go with your grocery shopping.
  • Mama Pauline’s: Cooking up some African cuisine and can’t find that one crucial ingredient? That won’t be a problem after stopping by Mama Pauline’s, a cute, bright grocery store which also sells fabrics, jewelry, health & beauty items, and other cultural wares.
  • Edelweiss: Not for the faint of heart (vegans beware), Edelweiss is a German meat extravaganza, with so much sausage and salami it will make your Oma blush.
  • OM Seafood Market: A Chinese-oriented retail grocery store where many Portland chefs shop for fresh, live seafood, including geoduck, crab, sea urchin, and spot prawns.

Get out there and taste the world, Portlanders!