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Moving From Urban Condo to Suburban Tudor

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Sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans and it is important to read the signs.  Here’s a visual to help explain the trends in the real estate market when my client Jamie decided to sell her condo in December 2010. Back then, we were at the bottom of a sinking market with no real clue as to when the market would begin to bounce back.

At my urging, she decided to wait out the recession in order to maximize profit. What we didn’t know at that time, is how much better it turned out because she ended up waiting (for personal and financial reasons) to sell.  I personally have found this to be a true testament that things really do work out when they are supposed to.

Jamie is a talented architect who clearly possesses a designer’s eye! When we did list the condo after four years of waiting, it FLEW off the market in just one day. We revved up her search when the condo went sale pending, and found a BEAUTIFUL Tudor style home with just enough cosmetic items left for her to really let her skill-set shine.  The financial cherry on top is that this house is (just barely) in Washington County, making taxes substantially lower for her!  I have sold a few houses right on the county border this year and I always do a silent jump for joy for them.

Jamie and her dog Pele are about to embark on a really awesome new chapter full of more space for projects and thundering around the yard!

Condo listed October 6, 2014 for $185,000  |  Sold November 12, 2014 for $195,000 | 1 bed, 1 bath | 485 sq ft

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