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What to Look for on Your Rental Search

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Yes, you’ve heard all the stories about what a crazy rental market Portland is. Well, we are sorry to report that the stories are true. However that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be discerning when looking for an apartment or house to lease. Here are 20 of our favorite tips for what to look out for:

1. Check for cell reception. Each carrier’s coverage is a bit different.

2. Check the water pressure on cold, on hot, on both, and how long it takes to get warm.

3. Bring a socket tester and test all outlets. Also make sure there are enough outlets in each room, and enough 3-prong ones.

4. Ask the neighbors about the drawbacks of the building, street, or neighborhood.

5. Drive through the area during rush hour if commuting via car. Also, check back at night to make sure that you feel safe and that there are no loud night sounds, like a bar downstairs.

6. Make sure there is an internet provider suitable to your preferences.

7. Make sure the windows are in good repair to avoid high heating bills. See if the windows open and close easily.

8. Fill all sinks/tubs. Drain simultaneously and flush each toilet during.

9. If surrounding places have belongings left sitting on the porches (seating, decorations), it’s a good sign for little/no theft.

10. Bring a tape measurer. Will your sofa fit?

11. Where are the trash receptacles for the building? Will I be able to hear or smell it?  Is the garbage area well kept?

12. Are the common areas well kept?

13. Look for signs of any infestations, like rodents or bugs.

14. Look for ceiling stains that might indicate leaks that haven’t been fixed, look for giant cracks in the ceiling that may indicate major foundation trouble. Look for signs of moisture or mold.

15. Do you have a car? Is there parking in the area?

16. Are there any odd smells or signs of smoking?

17. Are pets allowed? This could be important if you have a pet, but it could also be important if you are allergic to animals.

18. Are there on site laundry facilities?

19. Check to make sure that the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and less than 10 years old.  Here in Oregon, state law requires the landlord to provide these.

20. Are the large appliances in good working order?

These are just a few of the things we’re looking for when we’re scouting rentals for clients. Drop us a line to find out more.