Meghan French - Scout Realty Co.

Since Meghan came to Oregon as a teenager attending summer arts programs at OSU, she’s known that the slower pace, green landscapes and amazing communities here would be her home. Now a Portland resident for over a decade, she’s got all of the tips you need: Brunch? Favorite river to paddle? Classical music? Meghan has the info you need (yes, that is a kayak in her living room!)

Meghan is definitely one of the best agents I’ve ever worked with and has been a part of my 3 most recent real estate deals for both my home as well as investment property. Don’t let her delightful demeanor deter you as you go into negotiations, she will fight hard for what you want as well as explain every complicated detail. She will bend over backwards to make the sale go through. On the selling end, she is just as helpful. ~ Natalie J.

While Meghan knows how to live the good life in Portland, she’s also ready to get to work with a love of house hunting, negotiating, collaborating and reading long, complicated legalese (hey, someone’s gotta do it!) She’s got your back from start to finish, from scouting out the perfect house to calling pest control and contractors, Meghan loves the variety of work she does everyday and she’ll bring her best to every transaction.