Sarah Knight - Scout Realty Co.

Straightforward and no nonsense, Sarah likes to get to the heart of matters and exhibits a style of clear and open communication with her clients from the start, becoming her client’s advocate the day their relationship begins. Each transaction represents a unique period in each participant’s life, with a myriad of experiences, emotions, and considerations shaping their decisions.  Sarah’s ability to listen, understand and execute her client’s goals is what sets her apart.  With a balanced blend of fierceness and finesse, she will help you to navigate an ever-changing process with efficiency, intelligence, and confidence – and a sense of humor when necessary (aka often). There are what sometimes seems to be an endless amount of twists and turns in a sale. Sarah is seasoned and knowledgeable from start to finish, hunting for houses or staging them, appraisals to sewer scopes.

Sarah was warm, helpful, and patient, dispensing frequent updates, quelling anxieties, and holding our hands through the mysterious process of home buying. We can’t begin to imagine what it would have been like without her. ” – Casandra and Kevin, Buyers

Sarah lives in the city she loves and is an Earth Advantage certified agent. She is an active environmentalist, supporter of local economies, passionate about water conservation, and a kind soul.  She approaches her work in real estate with a holistic view of what housing truly means to people and how it affects their daily lives. Having had the opportunity to experience several major international cities, Sarah has a global perspective on the real estate industry. She knows what makes investing in Portland, Oregon an appealing choice. It’s been well over a decade since Sarah fell head over heels for Portland. In that time, she has developed a deep understanding of this city as it is now and what draws people here. She has a constant eye on the city, striving to observe and decipher the urban refuge Portland is shaping itself into and the international environmental leader it has set itself to be.