Serina Leedy - Scout Realty Co.

As a second generation real estate agent with several decades’ worth of industry experience, it was a natural progression for Serina Leedy to become a licensed Realtor herself. Motivated by the many challenges presented in the unpredictable Portland market, she draws on her experience as a teacher to guide her clients through the rollercoaster ride of buying or selling a house. Serina finds it especially satisfying working with first time home buyers, as she gets to share in their eagerness and the very real joy they experience at closing.

Serina was so helpful in that she listened to what I told her about what was important (and not important) to me about the place we were looking for. I consistently felt that she was in it for the satisfaction of helping me through the process (which was sometimes difficult) and I couldn’t be happier about the result.

Proud of her strong, North Idaho work ethic and enthusiasm for the hunt, Serina is ready to pound the pavement every day, not only to track down the best homes out there, but to make connections with neighbors and local business owners. Working directly with people in a collaborative way to create community is important to her, as it creates a solid foundation of knowledge and builds social resources in our small-world city.

Serina understands how family factors in for her buyers and sellers and how it can add several layers of complication to the mix. With two lively daughters of her own, she is acutely cognizant of how to effectively juggle the responsibilities of the home with the process of finding a home. Serina knows there’s value in the hustle, and works tirelessly to help her clients reach their goals without breaking stride.

Outside of the industry, Serina’s passion lies in the kitchen. She’s an accomplished pastry chef, and once had the opportunity to cook at the James Beard House in Manhattan, a dream fulfilled. Though in a committed relationship with Portland’s vibrant food scene, home is ultimately where her heart is.

Warm yet tenacious, Serina is a true client representative. Her focus on education and guidance works to empower her clients, and she gains great satisfaction in every single success story. Community. Challenges. Tacos. Serina can handle it all.