Valerie Fairlight - Scout Realty Co.

Valerie Fairlight found herself jumping into real estate after realizing her love of home ownership and the gratification that comes with it. Having experienced years of renovating her own run-down starter home, she has a passion for preserving historic homes and envisioning the possibilities of what they could be. Bringing with her years of real estate experience as well as a background in design, she specializes in Victorians and the knowledge of renovating them.

Valerie was indispensable during our home buying process. She helped us buy our first house and really took the time to get to know us. She was super responsive, supportive, and also honest about the important parts of home buying. –Emily H.

Fueled by helping people realize their dreams, Valerie operates with empathy and integrity. If you embrace the challenge of finding a home that’s uniquely right for you, Valerie is ready to take on that challenge with you. She adores anyone ready to get creative, but especially first time home buyers who aren’t scared to get their hands a little dirty by renovating their dream home!

When she’s not helping people conquer home ownership, Valerie can be found working on one of many old house projects, grabbing brunch with friends, or browsing possibilities at the Rebuilding Center. Oregon springtime is one of the reasons why Valerie loves to call Portland home. She is enchanted by the geographical beauty and the good quality of life Portland proudly holds. To help keep Portland green she is an EARTH Advantage Certified Realtor.

Valerie is proud to have had a positive impact on people’s lives through a career that she loves. For more information, have a look at her website.