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Are you prepared?

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That we live in uncertain times is not news to anyone these days. So, how have you been coping? Drinking tea and napping? Working hard and making hay while the sun shines? For me, acts of kindness have been lifting my spirits. In that vein, I got a call from a client a month or so ago when many had lost power due to the wildfires and preventative power outages. She lamented that she had been totally unprepared for 3 days without power, she didn’t even know where her flashlight was (luckily she had family nearby and was okay.) Her situation inspired me as I realized how many people probably fall into a similar category. Between a potential Cascade Subduction Zone earthquake (I first learned about it from this New Yorker article), freezing winter weather approaching, and the wildfires that are likely to be a more common seasonal occurrence, it couldn’t hurt to be prepared. I have my garden shed half-filled with emergency supplies, but you don’t have to go that far to be prepared for a power outage. With that in mind, I’ve built four starter emergency kits and a list of what a more complete kit would contain. Do you already have supplies? What’s in your emergency kit? Would you be prepared to have the power out for 3+ days? It happened right here in Portland and could happen to you.

While we don’t get huge amounts of snow in a typical Portland winter, wind and ice are known to bring down power lines every year. I built these four kits in an effort to be helpful and to spread a little hope. If you would like one, send me an email! It is my gift to the first 4 people who reach out to me. If you like the idea, but don’t need one from me, use the list to start your own! If you don’t have a whole garden shed to fill with supplies, consider using an outdoor waterproof deck box to keep your supplies handy (and not buried under rubble in the case of an earthquake.)

This kit contains: hand-crank radio/flashlight/charger, first aid kit, flashlight, hand wipes, water, snacks. This kit is not intended to be complete, but as a basic starter kit and hopefully motivation to start collecting more supplies.