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Baking with Alia!

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On my first and only trip to Nashville, I was introduced to an amazing food, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine with a Southern twist Garden and Gun.  Trust me there is a lot more cocktails and baked goods than hunting clothes and guns.  I have subscribed to this magazine ever since.

A recent feature included an award-winning pastry chef’s recipe for dolled up Jiffy corn muffin mix.  Now you see why I love this magazine and blog so much?  I had to try it for breakfast with honey butter and bacon (It is COVID times don’t judge me). 

I mixed Jiffy with a can of creamed corn and (shut up!) it is so cheese-in-a-can good. This morning: Cornbread with sour cream instead of milk (Labneh but good enough).  Side note the cast iron pan was my dad’s and passed down to me when he moved to Spain it is one of those things I would grab if my house was on fire. 

Here’s where to find this recipe! Click!