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East Meets West for Ms. 97229

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Ms. 97229 had been well cared for by her lovely Cape Cod home in Maywood Park for over a decade. With the new growth in Portland it became apparent that it was time to cross the river and spend a little less time on the road.

Her pristine home sold in less than one week on the market, and she was charmed to quickly find a serene home in Rock Creek.  This architecturally unique home was accented by a world class koi pond and Japanese garden.   The contemporary home has everything Ms. 97229 wanted, vaulted ceilings, low maintenance landscaping, open floor plan and less than a 10 minute commute to work.  Buying and selling can be a complicated but fruitful experience. It would be my pleasure to help draft a plan for you.

If you would like to chat about buying or selling your home, I always reserve appointments for new clients.  Call me! We’ll sit down and discuss all the details, you will come away with a clear plan of action.

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