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Ms. 97212

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Sometimes I am lucky enough to work with a client who touches my heart, and in this case lucky enough to work with her three times in less than two years.  Ms. 97212 moved to Portland via Hawaii, and within a three day timeline purchased a beautiful Alameda view home. With a history in real estate investment and a refined sense of style, she knew investing in a one-of-a-kind mid-century home in Alameda was a wise choice. After completing the last stages of her remodel, she saw a 21.63% profit in her sale in less than 18 months of ownership. True to Ms. 97212’s nature – and with renewed inspiration – she found another unique Alameda home ready for her to polish, shine, and add value; doing her part to make the world better, one home at a time.

Alia Marie Hazen

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