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Scouting Out Summer 2021 Bike Rides

The warmer days and vaccine rollout are helping many of us feel that we can actually start thinking about making plans for the Summer. We’ve had our eyes on outdoor activities and it’s looking like many annual supported (i.e. snacks, water, meals, help, etc.) bike rides are on track to happen this year. We couldn’t be happier about it. Our muscles are ready to move and we can’t wait to explore Oregon again.

Here’s our list of favorite local and local-ish bike rides:

Reach the Beach – May 15

Raise money for the American Lung Association and explore Oregon by bike. There are four different starting points, so this ride offers something for just about every skill level from age 7 and up. And at the end of it all you arrive at the Oregon Coast. Ahhhh… More info and registration can be found here. Priority will be limited this year, so plan fast. This one comes early in the season, so hopefully you’ve been catching some practice rides between rain showers.

Portland Century – August 15

This ride starts at Edgefield in Troutdale and offers a few options for mileage depending on your comfort level. Depending on which route you choose, you may get to ride through parts of the Gorge and all around Portland. This ride is being capped at 1000 riders, so if you are interested you may want to register soon. More info on that here.

Petal Pedal – August 28

If you haven’t explored Silverton and/or the Oregon Gardens, this is your chance. And if you have then you know. (wink) This ride starts at the gardens, you choose from one of many routes with mileage options, then you return to the Oregon Garden for a delicious meal, drinks, and a party. Plus its called Petal Pedal. Get right out of here with that level of adorable! Click here for more information and registration.

The Annual Gorge Ride – August 28

Uh-oh. Same day as the Petal Pedal. But that’s ok if you have a total soft spot for the Gorge. This ride starts and ends in The Dalles and clocks in at about 38 miles total. The views and scenery are pretty stellar and much of the riding is done either on low traffic roads or the vehicle-free Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. The minimum age for this one is 6, making it a great family ride. More details can be found here.

The Harvest Ride – September 11

If old barns and sweeping countrysides are your preferred landscape, look no further than The Harvest ride. This one starts and ends at Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. Many different routes are offered so you can choose your mileage and your views. Note that this ride is capped at 1000 riders, so plan ahead. Live music, buffet, and drinks after the ride…and let’s be real….if there were ever a time for a Ruby Ale, it’s after a hot late summer 100-miler. Don’t be beer snob. you know it’s true. Info can be found here.

Ride the Rim – September 11 & 18

This isn’t the easiest ride in the world, though (arguably) one of the prettiest. Ride the Rim takes advantage of two vehicle-free days at Crater Lake National Park, allowing bikers and walkers to to experience East Rim Drive. The milage is only about 25 miles , but there is 3,500 feet of climbing. This ride is also not super supported, though they now provide bulk water to fill bottles. You’ll probably have to know how to fix your own flat too. Worth it. If riding around the deepest lake in the US and going through pristine and diverse forested areas sounds good to you, click here for more info.