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The 97005 Family

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Eleven years ago I found myself driving around in the peak of summer with a very pregnant buyer looking for her first home. We had just one weekend to find it, and the oppressive heat wasn’t helping.

To this day, I can honestly say that this client had – and continues to have – the very best outlook and demeanor of any person I’ve been lucky enough to know. This is a huge statement, considering the many wonderful people in my life, and I stand behind it. She is joy epitomized. With true grit (and a lot of sweat) we found a 3 bedroom house in an excellent school district, just in time for her budding family to nest.

Fast forward eleven years, and here I am, lucky enough to now sell a home to not only Mom and Dad, but three beautiful, smart daughters. The happiest, sweetest family who all shine brightly.

This blog is not just about helping a family buy and sell a home. It’s a nod to how grateful I am that my career blesses me with the opportunity to enter people’s lives for the very best moments, and how thankful I am to those who return to gift me once more over a decade later.

Is your family growing and in need of more space to flourish? I’d love to meet the gang and get started on your new life adventure.

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